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Birth to Three Global

The Problems

Inadequate Funding

According to UNICEF, less than 1% of international aid goes to education that currently supports pre-primary education. Further, less than 2% of education budgets are allocated to pre-primary education in low-income countries. 

Missed Milestones

An estimated 38.3 per cent of Kenyan children ages 3 and 4 are not reaching their cognitive and socioemotional milestones. 

Low Access

Sub-Saharan Africa has the lowest rate of access to pre-primary education in the world. Because most children are at home in their early years, we need to create resources for parents and caregivers to support early development that reach into ECD centers and into households.

The Solution

At GIFT CONNECT, we strive to give people living in poverty and disadvantaged circumstances access to resources and support on Early Childhood Development in a way that is:

1. Simple to understand
2. Convenient to use
3. Resonates deeply
4. Creates lasting behavior change

Our Programs

GIFT CONNECT is committed to creating fun, engaging and inspiring programs and awareness campaigns that put a high emphasis on music including:

  • Edutainment. Entertaining songs that educate parents and caregivers on Early Childhood Development

  • Nursery Rhymes. Lullabies for zero to two year olds that are fun and inspiring for both caregivers and children.

  • Values Education. Loving words education for three to five year olds to practice at daycare and at home.

  • Loving Habits. The foundations of Early Childhood Development - speaking, singing, reading and playing.

Edutainment Songs and Events


Kenya 0-5 Ambassador

Stellar Mengele is an artist, mother and champion of early childhood development for GIFT CONNECT in Kenya. Her song, the Abujubuju Baby Song, has been viewed on social media by hundreds of thousands of young mothers and fathers across Kenya. She is truly reaching the hearts and minds of young parents and caregivers through her culturally relevant and educational song and inspiring them to speak, sing, read and play with their children more actively.

Stellar's exemplary talent and use of music to positively influence societal norms and behavior change has been recognized by the Kenyan government. This year, for example, she was invited to the state house to perform during Madaraka and Mashujaa day celebrations.

"Mueeh, mami this song is amazing, kwanza it was released when I was still "manyuru," it has taught me how to interact with my baby. Halafu my younger sister was also pregant and I used to tell her to talk to her unborn baby but hakuwa anaamini but when she heard this song she started to talk to her baby and the baby's responses with kicks marveled her!

Annet Shitukhu

Community Events

Stellar puts on events that reach parents and caregivers where they are in their daily lives - at markets, churches, community events, healthcare centers and beyond.

Our partners

We believe in the power of collaboration to bring about the most impact. We are currently partnered with Gaiasoft and Loving Classroom, experts in international development and education, to help amplify the Loving Lullabies and Loving Words programs.


Gaiasoft works with consultancies, governments and global agencies to deliver policies and plans through thought leadership, innovation, implementation support and configurable platforms.


Loving Habits

Talk and sing

Talk and Sing

As much as possible, talk and sing with your baby. For example, while cooking, sing to your baby: “I am now cooking our meal. I am putting water in the pot. I am putting the pot on the fire to heat. I am making soup. I am adding carrots, beans, and rice. Or on a walk: “Look at the birds and hear them sing. Look at the gate and how I push it open. Look at the trees, tall and strong. And how many buses can we see? One, two, three...”


Play, Play, Play

The more you can find easy ways to play with your baby the better. For example, pick up a cup, turn it upside down and ask what is this? Is it a bus(while making the brum, brum sound of a bus)? Is it a horse (while making the naying sound of a horse)? Can it fly (while making the whoosh sound of a jet)? Does it roar (while roaring like a lion)?


Serve and Return

Do a little fun thing for five to ten seconds: smile, clap, laugh, wiggle your fingers... and then stop and give your child a chance to copy what you did. Encourage your baby by cheering them on. Don’t make it a test, rather have fun, even jump around, so that all enjoy the good energy.

Why the early years matter

According to the African Education Network, a staggering 2 out of every 3 children in Africa live in extreme poverty with inadequate nutrition, in unstable communities, lacking social services for family and caregiver support. These children suffer poor developmental outcomes, reduced productivity and are less able to help their own children grow and develop. Let us change this story by collaborating with all key stakeholders to:

1. Build on positive community and cultural practices that support child development.
2. Strengthen service delivery systems and co-ordination across sectors at all levels.
3. Develop and implement policies that support nationwide access to quality services for all children.


We are currently raising funds to create fun and engaging music videos to amplify the Loving Lullabies with Loving Classroom.

Loving Lullabies is built on eight nursery rhymes with the words rewritten so that babies, toddlers and their parents/caregivers can enjoy the sounds, feelings and experience of: Respect, Compassion, Listening, Kindness, Gratitude, Love, Friendship and Care.

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Our Vision

The Power of Music

Music is the universal language of mankind. From hymns sung in European churches to drumming in African healing ceremonies to learning the ABC's in schools to pop concerts in huge arenas, music has been used since the beginning of time to educate, connect and heal people from all walks of life.

It is our goal to use music as a means to educate on and encourage our 0-5 principles and loving habits so that all parents and caregivers have the knowledge and tools they need to help our children reach their highest potential.

Our Vision

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