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0 To 5 National

The Problems


Many parents and caregivers living in underserved communities simply do not have the necessary access to comprehensive        0 to 5 programing for any number of reasons.


Access to programs and services is challenging for many. In some areas as little as 3% of facilities offer convenient hours.



The cost of ECE is high and can make up a considerable portion of household income for families across income levels. 


America spends less than $500 per child before age three, while other developed countries spend as much $14,600 per child. This causes hardship for many families. 

Licensed Centers Serving Ages 0 to 3

Studies indicate a lack of licensed training centers servicing children from 0 to 3 keep up to 59% of children from receiving help.

Limited Financial Assistance

Estimates show that 24% percent of programs do not accept any form of subsidy thereby excluding many families in need.  


Many parents surveyed about 0 to 5 education assets stated that program information is difficult to access, not interesting or not user friendly.

Ease of Use:

Many parent and caregivers find it difficult and confusing to navigate local systems, programs and resources. 

Program Understanding:

Many caregivers comment on their inability to understand of language, terminology, and resource availability.

The Solution

Increase The availability of 0 to 5 eduction

We work to meet people "where they are at" by helping families in underserved communities to access to quality training that is created and taught in user-friendly manner.


Our goal is to help increase funding for early childhood development education programs in the underserved communities who need it the most. 

Increase Funding

The goal of Gift Connect is to increase the level of funding for every child in America between the ages of 0 to 5 to at least $10,000 per child over the next five years. 

An increase in funding will bridge the gap between those people in underserved communities and the  

Amplify Through Partnering

Our goal is to implement high quality programing in underserved areas such as:


  • Early childhood centers
  • Daycares in underserved communities
  • Public housing
  • Churches and much more.


Our mandate is to help bridge these gaps by getting the necessary training and information to caregivers in a way that suites their needs and situation. 

Changing Lives As We Go

GIFT CONNECT will work with collaborating organizations and proven “Best Practices” to change lives as we go. As GIFT CONNECT works in underserved communities, GIFT CONNECT will pioneer and create new, proven, life-changing videos, how-to’s and songs meeting people “where they are.”

Increase Funding

Across America: Among 36 developed countries, the United States ranks as the

34th worst. (OECD PF 3).

The United States spends less than $500 per child per year in ages 0 to 5, while the OECD average is $14,436 per child per year in ages 0 to 5. (New York Times 2021).

Over the next ten years, collaborate with all organizations that share this passion and set the goal for America to spend up to $10,000 per child per year in ages 0 to 5.

In Developing Countries: Always collaborate. Begin with pilot programming in Africa, and in ten years take the 0 to 5 and 0 to 3 message and implementation to as many countries as reasonably possible


Across America and around the world, the fundamental GIFT CONNECT principle is to collaborate. 1 + 1 + 1 is not three. It is 111

Our strategy

To reverse poverty worldwide, CONNECT Universe has created a global strategic plan based on our four proven powers. These are all hard earned by Sam and his team working for eight U.S. Presidents over a 50-year period.


1. The Power Of Collaboration

1 +1 + 1 IS NOT 3. IT IS 111.  Mobileize thousand of colaborating organizations to change lives. 


2. The Power Of Music

Music reaches the hearts of everyone. Engage the worlds leading musicians to create a We Are The World type song. 

Decision Makers

3. The Power Of Opinion Makers

Thousands and thousands of local opinion makers engage and activate the media and decision makers. 


4. The Power Of Social Reach & Technology


Social Media 

Mobile Devices

GIFT CONNECT is using 21st century technology to empower the world

What is 0 to 5?

This powerful video explains in more detail the incredible 0 to 5 training principles.

Watch and listen to see real world examples of parents building their children’s cognitive capacity before age 3.

How It Works

Why are 0 to 5 programs so important?

From a societal perspective

A lack of early childhood education in underserved communities is causing a dramatic increases in poverty, incarceration, and a lack of a qualified workforce. 

  • 1.2 million students a year drop out of America's high schools.

  • 80% of drop outs end up interfacing with the prison system and commit up to 75% of crime in the United States.

  • 1 in 3 American children start kindergarten without the necessary education readiness skills. 

  • America ranks 34th out of 36 first world nations in early childhood education.

  • 1/3 of America’s high school graduates are not workforce-ready for meaningful 21st century jobs.

  • America’s GDP would rise by 2.2 trillion dollars annually if all adults had at least a 6th grade education.

"By the third birthday, a baby needs to be spoken to, sung to, or read to, 25 to 30 million words. At least half an hour a day. By the third birthday, 70% to 80% of the baby’s cognitive capacity is set. That largely defines the child’s ability to succeed in school and career earning levels."

What can you do to help our cause?


Ways to help

To continue our work in building a 0 to 5 movement, developing powerful training material for parents and increasing connection between underserved communities and adequate resources we need donations. 

If you believe that increasing the opportunities for all children in is important then click the donate button and help us in whatever way you can. You will be changing the lives of children. 

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