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Early Childhood Development

What is Birth to Three?

Watch and listen to see real world examples of parents building their children's cognitive capacity before age five, with a special emphasis on the first three years. This powerful video explains in more detail the incredible early childhood training principles.

Why is 0 to 5 training so important?

From a Scientific Perspective

The science is clear: the first three to five years of life set the tone for a child's future, making it a time of huge opportunity...or great risk.

  • In the first three years of life, more than one million neural connections are formed each second.

  • 70-80% of a child's cognitive capacity is set by the age of three.

  • 80% of those living below the poverty level failed to reach age appropriate reading proficiency by the 3rd grade.

  • By age 3 Infants and toddlers have the most rapid physical, cognitive and emotional development of their lives.

  • Research has proven that early child- hood development programs implemented from ages 0 to 5 do more to improve a child's capacity than at any other time in life. 

From a Societal Perspective

A lack of early childhood education in underserved communities is causing a dramatic increase in poverty, incarceration, and the lack of a qualified workforce. 

"By the third birthday, a baby needs to be spoken to, sung to, or read to, 25 to 30 million words. At least half an hour a day. By the third birthday, 70% to 80% of the baby’s cognitive capacity is set. That largely defines the child’s ability to succeed in school and career earning levels."

What Can Parents Do

  • Speak To

  • Talk To Your Baby All The Time

  • Getting up

  • When Cooking And Eating

  • At the grocery store

  • At Bedtime.

  • Play With

  • Virtually anything can be a learning toy

  • Build Puzzles

  • Stack books, boxes and cans

  • Play hide and seek

  • Sing To

  • It's The Emotion And Joy That Counts.

  • Don't Worry About Your Voice.

  • Love And Singing Build Emotional Connection, Self-Confidence, And Compassion.

  • Count With

  • Count everything you see

  • Count blades of grass

  • Count the birds in the trees     

  • Count the clouds in the sky   

  • Read To

  • Build Joy Of Learning & Books

  • Read labels on boxes and cans

  • Read signs on streets

  • Read signs buildings

  • Serve & Return

  • Peak A Boo

  • Name Games

  • Follow the leader

  • Sharing toys back and forth


How can you help fix the 0 to 5 gap? 


Ways to help

To continue our work in building a 0 to 5 movement, developing powerful training material for parents and increasing connection between underserved communities and adequate resources, we need donations. 

If you believe that increasing the opportunities for all children is important then click the donate button and help us in whatever way you can. You will be changing the lives of children. ,

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For more information on our Early Childhood Development program focusing on ages 0-5 simply click the link below to be taken to our resource library. 

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