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2023 Events In the United States


GIFT CONNECT worked hard in Utah to build relationships and build public, private partnerships. 

1. Sam gave the keynote speech at the Park City Economic Summit.

2. Sam and the team met with early childhood learning centers to develop partnerships. 

3. Sam taught leadership and goal setting at private businesses to children and their parents.

4. Sam and team met with church leaders and philanthropy organization. 

New York

Saturday June 3rd members of the GIFT CONNECT team took part in the Carnegie Lullaby Project Celebration.  

Each year, the Lullaby Project pairs new and expecting parents with professional artists to write and sing personal lullabies for their babies, supporting maternal health, aiding childhood development, and strengthening the bond between parent and child.

This performance features a selection of new works written this season—as well as the stories behind the songs—from the community of parents, songwriters, and partners who worked together to create them.

This heartwarming concert program honors the intimate moments of family life. 


In January, Sam and select team members attended several events around the state of Mississippi. 

Sam was a featured speaker and featured on local news outlets while attending the Mississippi education conference. 

GIFT CONNECT spent a substantial amount of time touring early childhood education centers, and meeting with Mississippi's top education experts to find out more about how the state has created public, private partnerships that have evolved into "The Mississippi Miracle."  

Gift Connect

Visits Utah 

The GC team spends three days developing relationships in Utah.

  • Sam gives the keynote speech at the Park City Business Summit.

  • Sam teaches leadership and goal setting to the parents and children of Personal Mastery Martial Arts.

  • Sam visits The Children's Academy, and it become Gift's first early learning collaborative in Utah

  • Sam and team met with church leaders and philanthropy organization. 

  • 2023 Events in Kenya

    Church Champions Part 2 

    On April 10, 2023, we replicated our Church Champions program with 216 caregivers, 500 children, church leaders, Mutanda Dispensary health officials, and local tv and radio reporters who all came together to learn about the power behind the Birth to Three brain science and loving habits. Stellar partnered with T.C.C. and Redeemed Gospel Church for the event and was featured on Mutongoi FM and Mutongoi TV, Kamba TV and Mùsyù FM in Kenya. We are so thrilled to have over 200 more Champions joining our network who will be a part of impacting so many lives.

    Church Champions Launch

    On December 17, 2022 we launched our church champions program in Kenya! Stellar partnered with a network of interdenominational religious leaders to bring four champions from 25 churches to learn the brain science of Birth to Three, the lyrics to the Abubujubuju Baby Song and the importance of the "loving habits" of speaking, singing, playing, reading, counting and serve and return with children. We will be supporting the Champions in taking the message back to mothers and caregivers in their respected churches to further amplify our work.

    Kitui County Events

    Stellar is constantly speaking at weddings, dowry ceremonies, market gatherings, schools, hospitals and beyond to advocate for and amplify the importance of early childhood development from birth to three. At her events, mothers and caregivers are provided with informational handouts, wall hangings and other tools to support their journey in implementing the "loving habits" of speaking, singing, playing, reading, counting and serve & return into their daily lives.  

    2022 Events In the United States


    GIFT CONNECT conducted three outstanding events in Utah in March 2022. 

    1. Lunch and Learn with the Murray Chamber of Commerce.

    2. Community Town Hall for local government and education leaders with the help of Comcast.

    3. Leadership Super Session for local parents and children with the help of Personal Mastery Martial Arts

    Los Angeles

    In April, Sam and his team traveled to the Los Angeles area to take part in and conduct several events on the importance of o to 5.

    1. Lunch and fundraiser with the LA IONS group. 

    2. Awareness and fundraiser event at the home of Lynn Crandall.

    3. Visit to the The Growing Place School for early childhood development.


    In May, Sam and select team members attended a special event at the Wilmington Public library to meet with representatives from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. 

    Delaware is the epicenter for groundbreaking 0 to 5 research and awareness events in the United States. 

    GIFT CONNECT and its strategic partners are now working around the clock to finalize the details of the next world changing summit.  

    2022 Events In Africa

    Community Gatherings

    Stellar puts on "keynote concerts" at community gatherings at church services and advocates for Early Childhood Development at community health clinics and local markets.

    Government Events

    Stellar has spoken at multiple large government events that involve stakeholders from education, government, community planning, healthcare and beyond.

    Partner Programs

    GIFT CONNECT partnered with the Rotary Fellowship for Empowering Women in Kampala, Uganda and the Wakisa Home for Pregnant Teenagers to educate attendees on the importance of speaking, singing, reading and playing with their children.


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