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Quick tips for any caregiver

These are universal tips for caregivers with children ranging from pregnancy up to five years old.  


  • Speak To

  • Talk To Your Baby All The Time

  • Getting up

  • When Cooking And Eating

  • At the grocery store

  • At Bedtime.

  • Play With

  • Virtually anything can be a learning toy

  • Build Puzzles

  • Stack books, boxes and cans

  • Play hide and seek

  • Sing To

  • It's The Emotion And Joy That Counts.

  • Don't Worry About Your Voice.

  • Love And Singing Build Emotional Connection, Self-Confidence, And Compassion.

  • Count With

  • Count everything you see

  • Count blades of grass

  • Count the birds in the trees     

  • Count the clouds in the sky   

  • Read To

  • Build Joy Of Learning & Books

  • Read labels on boxes and cans

  • Read street signs

  • Read signs on buildings

  • Serve & Return

  • Peak A Boo

  • Name Games

  • Follow the leader

  • Sharing toys back and forth

Reading With Your Child

These resources are great for teaching children to love reading

Dialogic Reading

Dialogic reading is the process of having a dialogue with students around the text they are reading. This dialogue involves asking questions to help children explore the text at a deeper level, including defining new words, analyzing the components of a story and being able to talk about the text.

S.T.E.P. Reading

The S.T.E.P. Method of reading will teach parents and caregivers how to help ensure that story times are fun and engaging, even for the youngest of readers. You will be amazed how much reading to your child at the earliest possible age shapes lives.

Joy of Reading

Teacher April Karl describes several different methods for helping you interact with your child to ensure that they learn to love reading.  Teach your child to LOVE reading with these amazing reading games.

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