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Projects We Are Proud Of

Early Childhood Development Movement

Promoting good health, strong families, and positive early learning experiences for all infants and toddlers from ages 0 to 5, with a special emphasis on 0 to 3. 

Birth to 3 National 

Increasing the flow of educational funding to early childhood development programs that have a specific focus on parent and child education/training that ranges from conception to five years of age.

Birth to 3 Global

Partnering with industry leaders in education and development to create innovative approaches that amplify the importance of Early Childhood Development, starting in Kenya and South Africa.

"We need your help to bring 0 to 5 early childhood development to the world."

"“In the next ten years, the brain science of ages 0 to 5, and especially 0 to 3, provide a transformational policy imperative to improve education, and reduce poverty in America and developing countries worldwide.” Sam Beard June 2022."

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